In the last week, two readers have reached out and told us about plans for a new fro-yo shop for 20th & Brandywine. We were in the area today and stopped by, hoping to find out some additional info about this new business. Sadly, there was no one there to talk to, but we did snap a couple of photos.

In the past

Current view

As you can see, a former corner grocery has gotten a serious facelift, as has the rest of the building. While there’s no sign outside as of yet, a sign inside indicates that the name of the new business will be Moyoyo (ehhh…). Decals on the windows suggest some of the menu items, with a curious mix of cotton candy, smoothies, frozen yogurt (duh), bubble tea, macaroons, coffee, and dog treats.

It’s certainly a good thing to see this little corner space come back to life, even if we’re a little skeptical of their menu offerings. From the looks of it, the place should be ready to go in the very near future, which should go over well as the weather continues to heat up. We’ll try to stop in once they open their doors, and when we do do we’ll be sure to let you know how their froyo, macaroons, and dog treats match up with the competition.