When the Spring Garden Deli, located in the Parkway House at 22nd & Spring Garden, closed its doors in October of 2012, we were under the impression that the retail space would be eliminated and turned into additional apartments. We lamented the loss of the corner commercial space, but figured that property owners PMC Property Group were just looking for more stability in this space. So we were quite surprised last year when we spotted a liquor license application sign in the windows.

Apparently, the additional apartments were coming at the expense of another former commercial space and the corner would retain its retail use. From what we understand, Pac A Deli, which also has a location near 12th & Walnut, was the intended tenant. They were looking to implement a similar concept to their existing store, with convenience grocery items and take-out beer. But somewhere along the line, the deal apparently fell through. Passing by the other day, we noted that the space is again for rent.

Sign in the window

View from the north

Precision Realty Group is doing the leasing for the space. Today, the space would seem best suited for a concept similar to what it held previously. Or perhaps, with the new Whole Foods coming across the street in the next few years, some other concept might be more appropriate. What do you think? Would you like to see another corner store open here? Or perhaps something a little more unusual?