A building that previously contained a houseplant wholesaler is changing completely and will hold new residents and their cars once some additional stories are added to the structure.

A look to the recent past. Image from Google
The facade remains, but the inside appears to be gutted

According to the Zoning docket from a few months ago, four stories will be added on top of the existing garage, creating a building that reaches about 56 feet into the air. On the roof, the builders intend to add decks on the front and back of the building. The first floor will be maintained for eleven parking spaces, and the four additional stories will contain fourteen apartments. We are not able to get renderings or any more information about the planned units at this time. We’re not sure about the apartment sizes or whether they will be rentals or condos, but we’re expecting condos. As soon as we get anything from the good people at Blue Acre Real Estate, the people who own the building, we will of course provide an update.

With two super fancy new construction homes recently built next door, it seems that this particular block is on its way up. The corner unit, still on the market, is currently listed at about $650K.

You can also see the backs of additional fancy houses on 13th St. on the right side of the image

Other buildings on the block that have been underused for years are currently available for sale. Presuming success for this new development, we think that the 1200 block of Bainbridge St. will be looking even better in the near future. Maybe we’re just being optimistic, but we hope that future developers will similarly reuse the interesting architecture of the existing buildings rather than bulldoze the buildings and build new. It would be a shame for the block will lose its unique identity as it moves forward. Fingers crossed!

A few signs marketing other buildings on the block