Just a block south of the proposed cafe/music venue/artist space that we told you about last month, and a couple of blocks west of the former Childs Elementary building, 3027 Darien St Llc has proposed building a duplex on the corner of 18th and Reed Sts.

The new building will be three stories tall and will include a roof deck. The two units will be offered as rentals, at market rate prices.

Vacant corner

The developer purchased the corner lot at sheriff’s sale about a year ago. In case you’re curious, the adjacent lot, which is also vacant, is owned by another party that’s owned it since 1990 and hasn’t paid property taxes since at least 1999. Awesome.

Also interesting, most of the market rate development that’s taken place in this part of Point Breeze has been north of Wharton Street. Sure, there are a few other homes that have been built this far south, but we wonder whether this project could be a sign of things to come. Parts of Reed St. are some of the most blighted blocks in the neighborhood, and a little private investment could go a long way toward improving the quality of life in the area.

But of course, only time will tell…