After a significant amount of time on the market, 629 S. 19th St. was finally purchased last year by 3521 Haverford Ave LLC at sheriff’s sale. A large, multi-unit building on a prime corner, it sold for $400K- a reasonable price considering the significant amount of work that was needed to make the building lease-worthy.

In the past

A current photo

The three apartments in the building have been occupied for months, but the enormous commercial space has sat vacant since the building’s rehab was completed earlier this year. The commercial space measures about 2000 sqft. altogether, and occupies the first floor and basement of the building.

Just last week, a couple with a decade’s worth of experience signed a lease for the commercial space to open a day care center, the Learning Train Academy. With the toddler population exploding in the Graduate Hospital neighborhood, this is a no-brainer of a business idea and should see tremendous success, provided it’s done right. They hope to open the business in the next month or two, and we wish them much success.

Figure they’ll probably need to open up a second location pretty soon- it seems that the babies just keep on comin’.


Nb: OCF Realty, parent company of Naked Philly, was the leasing agent for 629 S. 19th St.