We’ve passed by 2940 W. Thomson St. numerous times over the years, often wondering what purpose it once served and when it was last in use. Earlier this year, we noticed a ‘For Sale’ sign on the building, but never bothered to look into it, thinking it was snatched up the day after the sign went up. Seems we were mistaken.

The building

The property has been owned by PHDC since 1983, and was listed for sale in February for $130K. While that may seem like a strong price point for a building in Brewerytown, the dimensions of the lot make it a very attractive real estate investment. Checking in at 118′ by 66′, the lot could easily accommodate seven single family homes or a more creative multi-unit development. Or a combination of the two. Somehow, the building sat on the market for four months and was then taken off.

According to the Phillylandworks website, the property is under agreement currently, but we don’t know the price. Hopefully, PHDC was able to get a higher price than the original asking price, because the property is frankly worth quite a bit more. With quite a bit of development taking place within a couple of blocks of here, and the continuing improvements to West Girard Avenue, not only is this an attractive parcel to develop but it’s an attractive place to live.

Looking west toward Brewerytown Square

If we hear of anything coming soon to this corner, we’ll be sure to pass it along. In the meantime, seriously, can somebody tell us what this building was used for once upon a time?