Last week, we revisited the K'House project which was originally slated for the 1700 block of N. Howard Street but was delayed and eventually moved to Hope Street after the project was shot down by the ZBA. When we snapped those photos, we spied another seemingly new project in the distance, on the other side of Palmer Street. Previously, 1760 Hope St. was a vacant lot.

In the past

Now there's a duplex there. Ordinarily we wouldn't rush to tell you about a random new duplex but it's got a really unique look so we figured we'd share.

Current view

Zoomed in

From the north

You can see, the exterior of the building is cladded in a combination of paneling, wood, and metal. And the colors evoke the logo of the Milwaukee Bucks, so there's that. The building has some good size to it considering it's on a fairly shallow lot, but it's fairly wide because it's actually built over two narrow lots. We'd have guessed that this building would be condoed out but it seems that the units were offered as rentals. Maybe in the future, if and when more of the block fills in, the owners will sell off the units. For now though, the rental approach was probably the right way to go.