Years ago, when we lived in the Passyunk Square neighborhood, we frequented ABC Wok, a takeout Chinese place at 1305 E. Passyunk Ave., just south of Pat’s Steaks. Shortly before we moved away, our favorite $4 dinner place closed up shop, eventually being replaced by a (totally boring) Metro PCS store.

Former ABC Wok 🙁

This building is closely tied to and possibly connected with 1304-06 S. 9th St., the building right behind it, even though they have separate tax ID numbers.The same people own both properties, and have tried to sell them in recent years. In 2006, they were asking over $1.4M for the pair, and in 2007 they came down to a much “more reasonable” $580K for the package. Needless to say, they didn’t sell. Earlier this year, the owners were actively listing the 9th St. side of the property for lease, asking $1,500/mo for the 1100+ sqft space.

The 9th St. side of the property

It appears that they have found a tenant. Earlier this week, an application went to the ZBA for use of the space for the retail sale and rental of mopeds in this space. With such a wide garage space, a moped spot certainly seems like a reasonable use for this building. The good news for the business that moves in is that they should get plenty of foot traffic. Yes, Pat’s is awfully close by.

Hey, tourists love mopeds, right?

Literally a stone's throw from Pat's