The 2000 block of Wharton Street is changing and many more changes are on the horizon. First, let's look closer to Point Breeze Avenue where we can see four new homes have been built within the last year or so. Just a couple years ago, three of these four lots were vacant and the fourth was home to a vacant two-story home. It's a bit of a different story today. Unfortunately, the vacant lot at the corner of Capitol Street is owned by a City agency so it could continue to sit empty for years to come.

Four homes close to Point Breeze Avenue

Looking to the east, we see a huge vacant lot just on the other side of Capitol Street. You may recall, this property was home to a large warehouse that housed many different businesses over the years, including stables for John Wanamaker. Clearly, the warehouse has been torn down and as we told you in the spring, the ZBA approved a 46-home development for this site. Groundbreaking is expected in the coming months.

Looking east, future site of 46 homes

Turning our attention to the property next door, we see that construction is finally proceeding at 2010 Wharton St. after years of of delays and litigation. This project, which the ZBA approved a little over a year ago, will ultimately mean the construction of 11 homes fronting 20th Street and 11 homes on Woodstock. Foundations have been poured for the 20th Street row, with four of the homes now getting framed out. Pricing starts at $535K and if you're interested in more info on the project you can click here.

Four homes have been framed at 20th & Wharton with 18 more to follow

Clearer view of the framing at 20th & Wharton

As different as the block looks today compared to a year ago, it'll continue to change dramatically in the next few years as these enormous projects move along. Since the owners of this website are the developers / brokers for these two large projects, you know we'll be keeping a close eye as things progress.