Over the summer, we shared the news that Lily Development was planning seven new homes over the 700 blocks of Bainbridge and Kater Streets. Some kind of residential development on these parcels makes perfect sense. 739-41 Bainbridge St. was an unattractive garage for many years that's now been demolished. 734-38 Bainbridge St. had been home to Klinghoffer Carpet for quite awhile, but we'd posit that homes are more appropriate for this location than a big carpet store. We know there was some community opposition to the project, but that was due to the details of the homes like front loading garages for some and bulk for others. Despite this, the project was approved by the ZBA and now seems to be moving forward. Recently, demolition signs appeared on the former carpet store.

Demolition coming soon

Signs advertising the project, which is being called Bella Vista Strada, have appeared on both sides of the street. A reminder, the project includes three homes on the south side of Bainbridge, two homes on the north side of Bainbridge, and two more homes on Katers Street. Ah, what developer doesn't love a good street-to-street lot?

Sign up on the north side of Bainbridge

You can walk over to the site and stare at the signs, or you can just look below to get an idea of what the homes will look like. The project website only has an image of the southern homes, but a zoomed-in photo of the sign on the northern lot is still easier than going there yourself.

Homes coming on the south side

Closer look at the sign

Look for the project to wrap up in the middle to the end of the spring. Prices will start at $1.2M.