Just five months ago, we noted that Filter Cafe had taken over a vacant coffeeshop space at 10th & Carpenter Sts.  The space had changed hands over the previous few years, first operating as InFusion, then Mazag Cafe. We wondered whether this was due to a lack of foot traffic, poor execution, or whether the corner is simply cursed.

Well, on a jaunt to pick up some delicious cheese at DiBruno’s, we passed by 1001 Carpenter St., and noticed some new “art” in the window.


We stopped in and talked to the new owner-operator, Keeta, who recently re-opened the shuttered space as Cafe Bookz-n-Beanz, a cafe serving coffee, breakfast, lunch, coffee, and pastries, and offering a new/used book program.  She says she is so excited to finally be in Philadelphia.  Her original chosen location in Liberties Walk ended up not working out, but possibly for the best; we think Bella Vista may prove to be a little less competitive.  There aren’t so many bookstores nearby, and none of the previous tenants had ventured into the new/used book realm, so Keeta may have found a formula that finally works.

Closer look

Interestingly enough, Keeta mentioned that Filter had no food license here, which probably attributed to their demise.  We’ve been told that Filter’s original plan was to have this Bella Vista location be their flagship, offering more foodstuff than their other locations.  A quick glance at Filter’s website notes that their Old City location closed “for the season.”  Maybe for good?  More to come…