A few weeks ago, we noticed an upcoming zoning hearing for 814 Spring Garden St., a large parcel next to the old Reading viaduct that was once home to a FedEx terminal but in recent years has hosted flea markets. The property, which occupies nearly 110,000 sqft, sits next door to one of our least favorite addresses in the city.

The property

Next door. Ugh.

On November 28th, developers will present a significant project for this site to the ZBA. According to the application, the project will include a three story addition to the existing building which will include sixty-six residential units. The first floor will remain as an “exhibition space,” and will continue to function at times as a flea market.

Fear not!

This project went before the Chinatown Development Corporation last week, but we don’t know how that went. Does anyone else out there? Has anyone seen renderings from Harman Deutsch for this project?

Meanwhile, this plan is a tremendous boon for Spring Garden Street and is proof positive that the development activity immediately to the west is spreading the good vibes to the other side of the viaduct. Imagine how easy the hike would be to go from an apartment at this development to Union Transfer! And if the viaduct is ever redeveloped into an elevated park, these apartments will become even more desirable.

Across the street, the old station

Should this prove successful, perhaps the development activity can continue to trend to the east, ultimately meeting with Northern Liberties development. But let’s not go crazy here, we’ll see how this one goes and see what happens next.