We're starting to feel like a broken record- there's more mixed-use development coming to Frankford Avenue. Last month, the Fishtown Neighbors Association supported developers' plans to build a mixed-use building with ground floor commercial at 2325 Frankford Ave. near the East Kensington border.

Lot on Frankford Ave.

They'll build on an empty lot on a block that has a few vacant parcels strung in between homes and other mixed-use buildings. In the future this block could have more potential if those remaining lots get built up. It's already gotten some action in the last couple of years, with the appearances of Pizza Brain and Little Baby's Ice Cream. If the auto garage across the street were to get redeveloped, it would be even better. In addition to the Frankford Ave. building, the developers will build a single family home that fronts Collins Street.

Home is coming to Collins Street

Purchased last October for $92K, this parcel will join the many former vacant Frankford Ave. lots that have come to life, often with ground-floor retail over the last couple of years. A few blocks away at Gaul Street, construction of a new pizza shop at a former industrial site points to retail opportunities popping up off Frankford too. And just about across the street at Frankford & Trenton, we shared news in October about a major potential opportunity at a vacant corner lot that is right serving right now as a charming junk yard.

It all shows development's been sledding along in Fishtown, with a heavy dose of residential through the varying blocks, and mixed-use along Frankford. It started a few years ago and continued last year on the 1300 block with the opening of places like La Colombe, spread to the 1800 block, and with projects like this on the 2300 block it appears to be heading toward York and beyond.