We first visited the 10th & Cross intersection in early 2012, and showed you 1526 S. 10th St., a one-story building that once housed a corner business. Remember, it was a pickup location for neighborhood paperboys at one point and a corner store before that. But that was decades ago. In recent years, it looked like it was was used as an apartment. When we visited, the building had a tarp on the roof and plans for an addition.

A few years ago

For whatever reason, the project took a couple of years to get off the ground. We checked back at the end of 2013, and framing was finally taking place. When we passed by earlier this week, we discovered a project that looks to be finished, at least on the outside. There's no question it's an improvement- the front doors at the corner would be appropriate at King's Landing.

Current view

We'd have guessed that the building would be listed for sale, but it isn't. Instead, the home next door, owned by the developers that just renovated the corner property, is for sale for a price just shy of $900K. Perhaps the developers are intending to move in. And lest you think that price is too high for a home in this area, there's actually another home on this block that's listed for $1.15M. Wow.

Also worth noting is the commercial space across the street. In previous visits to this intersection, we've hoped that the vacant space would find a tenant and it finally has. Whether the future owners of the pricy homes on this block will be enthused about living less than a block from Philly Vapes, that we could not tell you. We'd guess that some of the people on the block would have preferred a residential conversion instead.

Philly Vapes across the street

Ah, maybe someday.