We’ve had our eye on this building for years. 325 S. 18th St. is in a prime location a block away from Rittenhouse Square. It’s a four story building, with approximately 5000 sqft of interior space, according to OPA. It could be a spacious and staggeringly beautiful mansion, luxury condos, or rental apartments like a number of other properties on the block. Instead, it’s been sitting and rotting for as long as we can remember. We recall seeing some work done on the property a couple of years ago, with some bracing added to the side of the building.

But nothing’s doing over there now, not with the candy cane Cease and Desist order from L&I on top of another Cease and Desist order on the front of the building. There’s a crumbling cinderblock bay on Delancey St. that probably represents a safety risk, and it seems like only a matter of time before some clever squatters move on up to this ritzy address. Based on public record, we know the building was purchased more than three years ago by Nguyen Jack Trung for a sum of $150K (!!!). We also know that Mr. Trung is about $20K delinquent in property taxes, having not paid in 2009 or 2010.

Can anyone fill in the blanks? Does anyone know anything about the history of this place? We’re scratching our heads on this one.