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We confess, we never really paid attention to the home at the southeast corner of 3rd & Walnut. Even though this corner is in historic Society Hill and sits mere blocks from Independence Hall, the home at this address was somehow only built in 1999 on a property that had

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For anyone that grew up in downtown Philadelphia through the 1980s, Levis Hot Dogs at 507 S. 6th St. was on the same level of Pat's Steaks or Ralph's- a restaurant that's been around for so long that you take it for granted. As you might imagine given the name, this establishment was founded by a gentleman

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Society Hill is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Philadelphia, thanks to its central location and status as a historic district. This was not always the case, as anyone can attest if they're old enough to remember what this town was like in the years after World War II. Shortly after

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It wasn't so long ago that it felt like Wawa was abandoning downtown Philadelphia in favor of suburban gas station locations, as several longtime locations were closing down and no new stores were opening. C'mon, let's walk together down memory lane and pour one out for the Wawa at 20th & Locust. And 11th &

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Remember 1995? Grunge music was coming down from its peak, but an upstart coffee chain that also originated in Seattle was still in the relatively early stages of its meteoric rise. The Starbucks store count of 677 was quite impressive twenty-three years ago, but the number seems almost cute when you consider

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On the 100 block of South Street, there's an entrance to an alleyway between 113 and 115 South Street that you've probably never noticed. Even if this little alleyway ever caught your attention, you probably figured it was just for egress purposes, and then continued on your way to Pietro's

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We're in the middle of a hospitality renaissance in Philadelphia, with several new hotels opening over the last few years and a few more still on the way. Off the cuff, we can remember the openings of Hotel Monaco, the unfortunately designed Home2 Suites, the Aloft Hotel on North Broad, the

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The restaurant Tiramisu occupied the double wide property at 528-30 S. 5th St. for a number of years, offering what the proprietors referred to as Jewish-Roman food (whatever that means) just a few steps off of South Street. The restaurant shut its doors a few years ago, but the business and the building have

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As the Founding Fathers gathered in the late 1700s to sign the Declaration of Independence and later, to write the United States Constitution, we suspect a common refrain around Independence Hall was "Yo where can I get a good hoagie around here?" Alas, for the last 2 1/2 centuries, or

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Have you recently won the lottery? Are you looking to pour your newfound wealth into historic real estate in Philadelphia? 238 S. 4th St. might be just what the doctor ordered. This property is listed for $4.95M, but it's been on the market for quite some time so maybe there's some

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