Two Buildings Under Construction Near the Institute

If you've never been to the Institute at 12th & Green, we don't know what you're waiting for. This place has been kicking it since 2008, years before this neighborhood became a development hotbed. And they've got tater tots too. With all the construction that's happened in the area since they've been open, we can only imagine that business has grown dramatically over time. And with two new projects underway nearby, it's set to grow some more.

We've actually covered a couple of projects in the past on the northeast corner of 12th & Green. Over four years ago, we told you about a pair of duplexes under construction on 12th Street. About a year later, we noted a triplex and a single family home getting built out of cinderblock on Green Street. Those projects are long finished but a lonely vacant lot has remained at the corner. Now that lot is a hole in the ground. Plans call for a mixed-use building with two apartments and a retail space. We'll see if that retail space doesn't eventually turn into a third apartment.

View at 12th & Green

Looking up 12th Street

Just half a block to the north, another building is under construction, several months ahead of the aforementioned mixed-use project. We actually visited this property a couple years back, and told you about plans for two duplexes for this property, located at the corner of 12th & Mount Vernon. Somewhere along the way, the plans changed and new developers are instead building a triplex with one parking spot. As we mentioned previously, the new building will block the view of a mural on Mount Vernon Street, but won't cover it because there's still two vacant lots next door.

12th & Mount Vernon

We do, though, stand by our two-year-old speculation that those lots will eventually get redeveloped as well- in this neighborhood it's just a matter of time .