New Homes at 46th & Sansom, Modular Style

In West Philly, change has finally occurred on the southwest corner of 46th & Sansom, a parcel that has been vacant for many years. A little over a year ago, we noticed the beginnings of construction activity at this site, and mentioned plans for six quadplexes. Last winter, it looked like the project was stalled, though we were pleased to see some blighted buildings getting torn down across the street.

Now a vacant lot on the southeast corner

Last month, West Philly Local reported that building was happening on the southwest corner, with a flatbed dropping off modular sections of new buildings. The project is called Sansom Street Flats, and has changed somewhat since our original report. Instead of quadplexes, it's triplexes. Like much of the construction in West Philadelphia in recent years, the architecture won't really do justice to the existing buildings in the neighborhood. We wish the developers would have opted for something that looked like the buildings that once stood here but that was probably a pipe dream.

New buildings, as if dropped from the sky

Same corner back in 2007

The project comes right in the middle of announcements for additional projects in the nearby area. As we told you the other day, conversations have started about a big project on the 4400 block of Chestnut Street. And there's also something brewing at 46th & Walnut (more details coming this week). And remember, the police headquarters will eventually be moving to 46th & Market. Put all these projects together, and we're seeing lots of change today and in the future for a section of West Philly that's been quiet on the development front for years. And with several vacant lots still in this area, there's room for continued growth.