Mariposa Opens Its New Location At Last

It’s been more than a year since our first post about Mariposa Co-op’s relocation to 4824 Baltimore Ave. Initial plans called for the move to be completed last fall.

But that didn’t fly and then it was supposed to open in December, then, by mid-February, then March 1st. When the opening was stalled yet again because a piece of refrigeration equipment had yet to arrive, the grand opening date was moved back to March 17th.

But lo, last week, after we walked a few miles to the grocery store and back, we noticed Mariposa was open for business two whole days before its grand opening.

High ceilings
Attractive produce
The old space, future expanded Vientiene Cafe

Oh, snap. Wish we would have known that and bought Mariposa’s local and organic produce and meat and saved ourselves the long walk. Though, we are glad we bought our Bob Evans maple sausage links at Shop n Bag on 43rd and Walnut Sts., because at Mariposa a pound of sweet Italian sausage will run you, oh, about $15. How much for a pound of bacon, you ask? Meh, ’round $7. Whoa. But hey, if one wants the best, you have to pay.

Higher prices are to be expected in a store that is maybe half the size of the Trader Joe’s at 22nd and Market Sts. and is run by its members. But the opening of a large neighborhood market of this kind indicates a cultural change that has been evolving in the U.S. in recent years, as the farm-to-table, organic, and green movements sweep the nation like war fever, only the war is the fight for one’s health and autonomy. Big ups to the folks at Mariposa for making this happen and we are looking forward to eating tasty local bacon (or tasty local vegan bacon). We are always in support of paying more for better quality, but not too much, eh?

–Lou Mancinelli

Photo credit: Photos are from Mariposa’s Facebook page.