Four Wonderful Homes on Spring Garden Street Begging to Be Fixed Up

There is plenty of redevelopment happening in Powelton Village and West Powelton. So when passed by a strip of four apparently vacant homes, two of which feature arching third-floor bay windows, including a turret on the corner property at Preston & Spring Garden, we wondered out loud how long it would be before they are renovated.

Fix these homes!

Digging around a little and looking at an old listing, we learned that a fire struck this location in the last couple of years, which is why the homes look the way they do today. Although truth be told, we’re pretty sure the westernmost home has been vacant for many years.

Closer look

The houses at 4043-49 Spring Garden St. have wonderful makeover potential. All four feature cathedral roofs reminiscent of the Victorian style that flourishes in the neighborhoods around Penn, and they all have front porches. We can envision them full of students or occupied by families. 4047 Spring Garden St. was purchased earlier this year for $101K, so it seems possible that at least this property should be getting fixed up soon. Hopefully, the renovation will be more mindful of the existing building than the rehab across the street at 4041 Spring Garden St.

Ye gods

Considering what has happened in the past couple of years with the rapid development along the 4000 block of Baring Street, we wouldn’t be surprised if someone is vigorously eyeing this strip of properties. And with the Science Center and Drexel building new residential towers, once those students are old enough to live off campus, with neighborhoods near Baltimore Avenue getting more expensive, it’s quite possible they will look to West Powelton.

–Lou Mancinelli