Three Duplexes Rising on 47th Street Near Woodland

Recently, when we had a craving for a delicious baguette, we made our way over to Four Worlds Bakery, near the corner of 47th & Woodland. When we walked out the door, we spotted three buildings currently under construction on 47th Street. Doing a little digging, we discovered that these are three duplexes which are replacing a once vacant lot.

In the past

Slightly blurry view

A better view, from the other direction

These properties, 1241-45 S. 47th St., have a bit of an odd configuration to them. You can see, there's a gap between two of the buildings. We thought maybe this was a drive-aisle, but staircases in the opening would seem to suggest otherwise.

Odd gap in the middle

This project comes from How Properties, the same company building the large project around the corner of the 4600 block of Woodland Avenue. When we last checked on that project about eight months ago, foundations had just been poured. Remember, this project includes sixteen apartments and a commercial space. In the time since, the building has shaped up considerably.

Project around the corner is moving along

With the growth of institutions like Penn, Drexel, and University of the Sciences, additional student and faculty housing is bound to pop up wherever opportunity presents itself. While we've generally seen more development to the north, it's not shocking to see this additional construction pick up in this area, as it's only a few blocks from bustling Baltimore Avenue. Look for more in the coming years.