Siena Place a Hidden But Growing Development in South Philly

We've actually been meaning to get down to Siena Place for months, and an early morning trip to the airport reminded us to check it off the list. We first noticed this project awhile ago while driving on I-76, spying new homes getting framed out to the south. We didn't take a picture from there since that would have been extremely dangerous, but getting a photo from Penrose Avenue near 22nd Street seemed like a considerably safer idea.

Looking west from Penrose Ave.

Siena Place!

Decades ago, this property was home to Federal Defense Housing and in more recent years it looks like it was a large and overgrown lot. Sometime between 2007 and 2011, developers got busy building a bunch of new homes here. Then the project sat for a few years, with a combination of owners and renters, we understand. We seem to remember, didn't Desean Jackson live here? More recently, additional homes have started sprouting here and even more are coming. JKRP Architects did the design work, fyi.

Rows of homes

Northern end, homes under construction

Looking west

According to the project website, the homes start in the low $400K range. Would you pay those prices to live in this area or would you look for a different neighborhood to shell out that kind of dough? Clearly there's at least some demand, as the developers keep on building homes, with some additional foundations lying in wait.