It’s Official: Bowling is Coming to South Philly

Waaay back in November of 2011, we broke the news that the former home of Thomas Colace Co. at 19 E. Oregon Ave., was going to become an indoor adult amusement spot with bowling, arcade games, batting cages, and of course booze. A few commenters indicated that this was the brainchild of the folks behind North Bowl in Northern Liberties, but we could not get any confirmation at that time. And it’s been radio silence ever since.

The building

Now, according to Passyunk Post, this project is officially a go. Looking at the L&I Map, it appears that owner Oron Daskal has been slowly winding his way through the process, getting some initial permits back in 2011 and zoning last summer. According to Michael Klein, the new spot will be larger than North Bowl and will also have more of a sports bar vibe to it. The menu could also be different, with the possibility of a wood fired oven. As long as they serve tater tots, we’re on board.

Another angle
It's next to I-95

The two closest landmarks to this somewhat remote location are Tony Luke’s and Ikea. Will this address hamper efforts to get people in the door? Or will the people show up despite the fact that it feels like it’s in a bit of a no man’s land? One possibility that has to be intriguing for Daskal- any of the three of the proposed South Philly casinos would be relatively close to this business and cross promotion would seem to be a no brainer for such a concept. On the other hand, casinos usually aren’t in the business of encouraging people to leave to go someplace down the street, right?

The new “South Bowl” is scheduled to open in December. We’ll be sure to update you on its progress well before then.