All-Stucco Triplex Appears in South Philly

The other day, we came upon an unfortunate looking building under construction in South Philly. We don't typically write about projects in this area, but the new triplex at 1930 S. 7th St. made us stop in our tracks to the point we felt we simply had to share. Here it is, in all its stucco-fied glory.

Recently built triplex

In other neighborhoods, we've gotten aggravated at the sight of a mere stucco bay window. But we can only recall a handful of other examples of an entire new construction building blandly wrapped in one color of stucco. We wonder, does a similar fate await the foundation just to the north?

Foundation two "doors" down

We actually told you about these projects a couple of years ago, but we had no idea that the buildings would look like this. Architecturally, it looks like they got some inspiration from the buildings immediately to the north.

Buildings across the street have a similar hue

Despite the unfortunate abundance of stucco, it's definitely encouraging to see new construction in this area. Though Pennsport to the north and east and the Passyunk neighborhoods to the west have thrived of late, this area has really had a tough go of it for many years. So while the new triplex may look awful, its existence may portend good things for the surrounding area. And if that's the case, let's hope the next round of new construction at least has a slightly better look to it.