Early Renderings For Salvation Army Townhomes

More mansions are coming, and they're not in Old City for a change! They'll be rising, uh, like two blocks away from Old City! So yeah, arbitrary neighborhood borders aside, some more giant homes are coming soon, and they'll be a stone's throw from some of the other top-of-market projects we've covered of late.

We visited the old Salvation Army building at 212-24 S. 3rd St. last fall when we shared the news that a developer had posted zoning notices on the long-vacant and long-available property. We first told you about this property back in the summer of 2011, and we were all kinds of excited that someone was finally buying the place. At the time, plans called for the renovation of the historic building at the corner into 14 apartments and the construction of four high-end homes on the northern side of the property.

Historic building at the corner

This will get demolished in favor of homes

Somewhere along the line, the developers scrapped the specific proposal for 14 apartments and the ZBA approved a plan for four new mansions and a vacant building at the corner, ostensibly to be renovated at some point in the future. Sometime in the last few months, the real estate agents that will be selling the homes hung a large poster on the site providing some scant details. According to the poster, the homes will each have abpout 4,000 sqft of living space and offer two-car parking. They also included a rendering of some of the homes, showing a contemporary look similar to newer homes we've seen in Logan Square.

Rendering of the new homes

Given the success that other projects are having nearby, we have to imagine that these homes will sell quickly and at prices exceeding $1.5M. We can hope that the project proceeds quickly and that once the homes are built and sold the developers will turn their eyes to the building next door. This prominent address has sat dormant for many years and it will be wonderful to see it come back into active use in the near future.