Years Later, Queen’s Walk Finally Finishing Up

A few years ago, we shared the news that Queen's Walk at 5th & Christian was finished. Two rows of new rental homes had risen where dessert toppings were once manufactured. But the southeastern section of the project had a curiously vacant parcel that remained. We figured it was a green space for the community or something. But this was proven false about a year ago when we learned that three more homes were coming, which would complete the southern row of homes in the development.

At that time, we weren't certain whether these homes were indeed part of the original development or if they were their own thing. Passing by today, we discovered that they are indeed a part of the Queen's Walk development. The homes, which are framed out, will look the same, and have similar parking access via a shared interior driveway.

View from the south

Looking down the row on Montrose

Interior of the courtyard

We've never been inside these homes, but would imagine they have all the bells and whistles you've come to expect from new construction housing these days. Two years ago, the 2100 sqft homes with 3 bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms, and a garage parking spot were leasing for $2,450/mo. We would imagine that these homes will rent for a slightly higher rate, as the market has pushed up prices of late.

It's amazing to reflect on the changes this area has undergone in the last twenty years. With PHA towers replaced by low-rise homes, new development has cropped up in all directions surrounding the public housing blocks. It should be very interesting to see what changes take place in the years to come.