What’s Going on at Queen Village Pizza?

A kind reader gave us the heads up that Queen Village Pizza, located on the southeast corner of 4th and Queen Sts., has closed, and that the entire building is under construction. We checked it out over the weekend with the hope of figuring out what’s going on.

Lousy pizza


Definitely gone forever

The inside of the retail space is totally gutted. And from what we could tell looking down the street and through the perpetually open window on the second floor, some demo work has also taken place upstairs. The building is owned by the Shipon family, who own several other buildings on S. 4th St. and have been in the neighborhood for decades. Sonate Corporation, one of the family businesses, is based out of 831 S. 4th St. a few doors down, and sells real and imitation meat products, mostly for cheesesteak purposes.

So what can we expect at the old Queen Village Pizza? Our tipster had heard a few different possibilities, including a bakery/dessert place, a pizza place from the people at Cochon, or a sandwich shop. If a sandwich shop is indeed in the cards, could it be an establishment run by the building’s owners, featuring their meat/non-meat products? Are vegetarian cheesesteaks really that popular?

What would people like to see? Has anyone heard any confirmed plans?

Nb: We really like vegetarian cheesesteaks; we’re glad we’re not the only ones.