Take a look at this section of the 900 block of S. 5th St. back in 2007.

The view back in 2007

Passing by this area today, we see a very different scene, with previously vacant and blighted buildings either renovated or replaced. And one new building, at 934 S. 5th St., is under construction.

Current view

We actually told you about this project several months ago, when it was only a foundation. To refresh your memory, developers purchased this property and some others immediately to the east, they've combined the lots into one property, and they're building a nine-unit apartment building. It's tough to tell from walking by, but little Hall Street intersects with 5th Street here, though calling it a street instead of a path is a bit of a stretch.

View along Hall Street

To their credit, the developers intend to restore Hall Street as part of this project, which should mean restoring the granite curbing and brick pavers. We can't say this is a bad idea, as all of the people who end up living here will have to walk on Hall Street to get into the building. We got word of the planned street restoration from the folks at Harman Deutsch, who did the architecture for this project. They were also kind enough to provide an elevation drawing that shows what we can expect for a final product here.

Elevation drawing for the project

Comparing this block to itself from a decade ago, the change is incredible. Of course, nobody could have imagined this kind of redevelopment back in the 1990s when the Southwark Towers still stood, but as we said previously it can take a very long time for an area to recover from decades of disinvestment. It's fabulous that 5th Street is finally making its way back.