Unusual Looking Buildings in Queen Village

From right to left, 718-22 S. 2nd St.

These three buildings, all owned by Queen’s Mews South LP out of Brooklyn, are currently under construction and have been for some time. It’s not that these buildings look particularly unusual from an architectural standpoint- 718 is, in fact, historic. Perhaps the developer made a decision to give the buildings a clean and uniform look during a lull in renovations? Could a layer of stucco be on the way? Another color for the bricks? Or maybe the facades of buildings will maintain their current appearance once doors and windows go in? We’re not sure exactly what’s going on here, but going down 2nd St., these buildings definitely catch the eye. Fortunately, they look considerably better than they used to.


The same site under heavy construction. Image from Google.

Anyone out there know anything about the history or the current status of this development?