Unique Queen Village Home Demolished, Less Interesting Building Sure to Follow

Yesterday, we told you about a vacant and ready for rehab Queen Village property that's currently on the market. Today, we look just down the block at 742 S. 3rd St., which is currently a hole in the ground. Previously, a unique building stood here for over a hundred years.

In the past

Current view

The building which previously stood here had wrought iron balconies, french doors, original leaded glass, mahogany flooring, and a stone fireplace, according to an old listing. In 2007 it went to sheriff's sale, and it was snatched off the market as a bank-owned property in 2008 after about a week. And since then, it's pretty much sat. There were stop-work-orders on the building, suggesting aborted renovation efforts, but the place has certainly been sitting empty for several years. Public record reflects the same owners since 2008, but perhaps the new work on the site suggests new ownership.

We think it's been a few months already since the building was demolished, but neighbors can certainly feel free to verify. Coming in its place will be a three story, two-unit building, according to the L&I Map. We're willing to wager that the new structure won't look nearly as interesting as the building it's replacing.

Incidentally, if you'd like to watch the construction of this new building up close, an apartment is available for rent in the building next door. Two beds, two baths, and months of construction noise could be yours for only two grand a month!