Sunday Brunch For Bainbridge Green

A few hundred years ago, William Penn planned out our "greene country towne" as a grid broken up by five squares. And the core of Philadelphia has pretty much retained that design. But as our city has evolved over the centuries, different spaces have emerged that break away unexpectedly from that grid, sometimes for reasons that are beyond the living memory of most residents. For example, perhaps you've always wondered why Bainbridge Street doubles in width between 3rd and 5th Streets? It turns out that a large market was located here until the early 1900s, when the City removed it because of changing consumer tastes and unsanitary conditions.

GM Hopkins map, 1875

Initially, the City constructed a large green space in its place, but over time the forces of auto-centrism reduced the green space to what we see today, widening the street and creating parking spots on what was once a lovely park space.

From 4th Street, looking east

Looking west from 4th Street

Friends of Bainbridge Green are leading the effort to take this green space back for the people and have a dream of 20K sqft of green space which will be accessible to neighbors and pedestrians. The plan would not only add green space to an area that's got more than its share of hardscaping, but it would also eliminate a dangerous traffic pattern at the corner of Passyunk & Bainbridge. Check out the site plan and rendering to get an idea of what they have in mind.

Site plan

Potential rendering of 3rd & Bainbridge

This effort will, as you might expect, cost money. You may remember, a couple of years ago, we told you about a fundraising event for this project which involved dining and dancing at night. On Sunday from 10am til 3pm, they'll be taking the opposite approach with Bainbridge Green Brunch Fest. Chefs from nearby restaurants will be slinging food, and look for coffee from Ox and adult beverages as well. Tickets range from $25 for 4 food tickets and bottomless coffee to $150 for reserved seating, a private chef tasting, and two drinks. With tasty food, excellent coffee, booze, plus an awesome cause, we suspect we'll be making an appearance. And we suggest you come out as well.