Stalled Queen Village Project Will Soon Restart

We last checked in on 718-24 S. 2nd St. about three years ago. At the time, the three buildings stuck out on this historic block like a sore thumb. They looked like somebody had built some new homes out of cinderblocks, blocked the window openings, left to buy a pack of cigarettes or something, and never came back. And if you look at them today, you would be inclined to believe that nothing has changed.

View on 2nd Street

Over a year ago, a new developer purchased the properties pictured above at sheriff's sale, leading us to believe that work would soon begin again. New permits have been posted, as have new Stop Work Orders. Neighbors who have been living with this situation for many years are surely wondering whether the project to build nine condos with eight parking spaces will ever come to fruition. And in the meantime, the Monroe Street section of this development seems to be rotting away.

Looks bad on Monroe St.

Today, we have mixed news for folks who have been long-suffering thanks to this project. We got a tip last week that the buildings, long under construction, will soon be demolished. According to Stuart Vals, representative of developer Quarters at Queen Village, this decision stems from both the fact that the properties have been open to the elements for many years and because the developers have put together a new concept for the site. Instead of two and three story structures, the developers will be proposing six stories with twenty condo units, with 1:2 parking.

Considering they paid over $1M for the parcel, we understand why they're looking to go bigger with a project at this location. But it will certainly need to go to zoning, and we're not sure that the community will back the revised project due to the dramatic height increase. Or is there a chance that neighbors, so tired of the years of blight, will accept anything over the status quo? 

Update: Like the rest we posted today, this story is not true.