Seriously, What’s Going on at Queen Village Pizza?

Back in October, we openly wondered about the ongoing demolition work at 825 S. 4th St., former home Queen Village Pizza. At the time, the never-impressive pizza shop had recently closed, and it appeared as though demo work was going on both in the downstairs retail space and in the apartments above.

In October

In the past several months, work has continued at this site, and last week a reader gave us the heads up that drywall was being delivered to the building.

Last week

On the plus side, the extremely unattractive shingled awnings have come down. But what’s with all the plywood? Have more windows been cut into the facade to make it a more attractive commercial space or are the owners of the property being overly cautious about security? And is it available? We called the number on the ‘For Rent’ sign in the door, but got no response- could the space be rented?

The family that owns this building also owns several buildings to the south, as well as the buildings directly across the street. According to a couple of zoning applications that we’ve noticed, it seems that there will be some additional construction at these properties in the near future, as well. We’re just hoping that this means that all those awful shingled awnings are on the outs.

Looking further south. Yup, more awnings
Notice a pattern here?

Does anybody have any additional info about what’s going on over here?