Questionable Queen Village Construction

A reader reached out the other day and told us about a new home going up at 225 Carpenter St., on a residential Queen Village block. For years, this property was vacant, with what looked like some sort of storage use.

In the past

In June, 240 Dupont Street LLC purchased the property for $175K and began construction almost immediately on a single family home. According to the listing, the home will be 2,000 sqft, and will include 3 bedrooms, three bathrooms, and possess “all the bells and whistles of a premium Queen Village block.” Unfortunately, trouble struck in July, when a Stop Work Order was slapped on the property for exceeding the allowable provisions of the building permits that were originally issued. Notable from looking at the property is that it seems way too tall to have been built by right, even according to the new zoning code which allows for an extra few feet than was previously permitted.

Barely fits in the frame
Uh, siding?

From what we understand, the builders resumed work last week, even though the Stop Work Order would seem to still be in effect.┬áThe siding pictured above is the latest and “greatest” addition to the property. While this look could play in other neighborhoods, it sticks out like a sore thumb in Queen Village. And it’s apparently not permitted in the Queen Village Neighborhood Conservation District, according to the QVNA Zoning chair. Assuming they’re able to finish it, we can only imagine that the developer could have a tougher time selling the home as a result. Oh, and the listing (and we’d guess the permit) indicated brick for the facade.

Rendering from the listing.

This story is clearly far from over, and we’ll try to keep tabs on it as it develops in the coming months. In the meantime, what the heck were these guys thinking, going with the siding? Seriously?!?