Looking at a Changing Queen Village Corner on a Changed Queen Village Block

A reader sent us an email the other day, encouraging us to check out the corner of Randolph & Carpenter in Queen Village as an example of a corner that’s experienced some changes in recent years and should be poised for even more in the years to come. These changes haven’t come thanks to sweeping efforts by a single large developer, but instead through small projects from a number of individuals, slowly altering the look and feel of a corner.

Back in 2009
Sort of the same view today

516 1/2 Carpenter St. was purchased late last year, and has undergone significant renovations inside and some minor exterior renovations. We understand it wasn’t occupied for the last few years, but it sure seems likely to get some residents in the very near future.

Meanwhile, directly to the south, 1002-04 S. Randolph St. is a contemporary home that’s replaced a vacant lot. We were somewhat surprised to see a home like this rise in Queen Village, and we’re honestly not sure whether we like it or we hate the look. Maybe history will be the judge…

Hmmm. Jury is still out.

Meanwhile, 518-20 Carpenter St., two one-story garages, has been on the market for nearly a year. It appears that it’s finally under contract, indicating a strong likelihood that two more new homes will be built here in the near future. And with 1012 S. Randolph St. currently for sale by owner, it wouldn’t be surprising to see yet another house go up here sooner rather than later.

Garages on Carpenter
For sale by owner sign down Randolph

Of course, few if any of these changes would have taken place without the existence of the large rental apartment development on the north side of the street that was constructed in the last couple of years. For some time, vacant land ruled the day on this block, and those homes filled things in to the point that smaller developers could step in and continue to move the things forward. It’s really amazing just how far this block has come in such a short amount of time.

Across the street not so long ago
Current view