Goodybe Vintage, Hello Trash Culture

Astro Vintage has closed its store at 720 S. 5th St. (just a little to the south of the recently shuttered John C Paul and Sons), taking its assortment of mid-century fashions online to Etsy.

The storefront

The space won’t be empty long; coming in its place is something a little on the stranger side. Opening this fall is the Bizarre Bazaar, a collector’s boutique dedicated to “lowbrow art and custom culture”. If you aren’t sure what that is, think of some combination of Ratfink, Bettie Page, Hammer Films, and a circus sideshow and you may begin to have some idea.

The store will also be home to the South Street Odditorium, which will feature a rotating collection of oddities and curiosities.

Odditorium info

The proprietor of the new shop goes by the name Professor Ouch. He hosts a weekly rockabilly radio show on WPRB, and organizes area events such as the Hotrod Hoedown and Rock this Joint. Ouch is also co-owner of Philadelphia Eddie’s Tattoo Haven at 621 S. 4th St., so he knows all about this neighborhood.

Ouch previously operated Mondo Merchandise on Pine Street many years ago.

For more of a sneak peak, poke around Professor Ouch’s website, and check out this extended interview with Ouch on the website for Sourpuss Clothing, one of many brands Ouch will be carrying at his shop.

We can’t wait to take a look at what’s sure to be a strange but interesting addition to the area.

–Al Harris