Changes Coming to a Warehouse on the 500 Block of Bainbridge St.?

Over the weekend, we noticed a SOLD sign on a warehouse located at 531-33 Bainbridge St.

We saw the sign

Used for the past however many years for fabric storage for nearby Fleishman’s Fabrics, this building has not had any sort of retail use for quite some time. Looking at the faded painted signs on the brick, we suspect that building was used for retail sale of bedding and carpet at some point in its history. Does anybody remember more clearly?

Closer look
Cool link to the building's history. You can just make out the word "undersold"

According to public record, Svetlana┬áSverzhina and Boris Babiner bought the building in December for $850K. Not an unreasonable price, considering the location and the building’s size. The lot size is 37’x125′, which would afford the opportunity to make an impressive condo or apartment conversion, or construct four new and fancy homes.

One other possibility that comes to mind: Owner Boris Babiner is a dentist, with offices in Rittenhouse and the Northeast. Could this warehouse be converted into a massive dental practice, with space for an army of dentists and hygienists, collaborating to make smiles in Queen Village the brightest in the city?

We’re gonna go ahead and bet on the luxury homes. Or maybe laser tag.

Anyone out there have any other ideas?