Why is there a tree growing out of Leithgow St.?

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Leithgow St. is one of those north/south streets in Philadelphia that disappears and reappears as you travel through town. Between 4th and 5th Sts., Leithgow has a solid presence in Northern Liberties, running nearly contiguously between Brown and Thompson Sts. Last week, we were looking for some information on an upcoming project, and found ourselves on the 800 block of N. Leithgow St. for the first time. It’s weird over there. There are a number of new houses that have recently been built or are still under construction.

New construction
Even newer construction

There are a few disgusting lots and a dilapidated building that we couldn’t quite figure out.

We think this building fronts 4th St., but can't figure out which one it is

But the best thing about this block? The tree, growing out of the MIDDLE OF THE STREET!

Looking south. Lol.

We’ll have some information to report on the project we were researching very soon. Probably won’t be as funny, unfortunately.