What’s Up With the Huge Warehouse on Fairmount Ave. in Northern Liberties?

A couple of readers have asked us about 420-42 Fairmount Ave., a huge warehouse that stretches all the way to Wallace St. This place is as ugly as it is large.

From the south
Closer look
View from Fairmount Ave.

Though you might not guess this if you just drive by, this building is currently in use. Trans Atlantic Company, a commercial hardware company, uses this building, utilizing its entrances on both the north and south sides.

Looking at this building, it screams adaptive reuse to us, likely with rental apartments. And Trans Atlantic seems to agree. The building was on the market for awhile, listed at just a tick below $3M. From what we can tell, they found no buyers at that price, and the property is no longer listed.

But we suspect that if an interested buyer were to come out of the woodwork and present an offer that’s close to their number, they would sell the building pretty quickly. Which would be great for that company, and even greater news for anybody who lives anywhere nearby.

Just for kicks, here are a couple of photos of the building in happier times, in 1955.

Looks better with windows
Part of the structure was once a tire center.