What’s Going On Here? 219-27 Spring Garden St.

Yesterday, we were zooming across Spring Garden St. and witnessed some heavy machinery moving earth and debris on the 200 block of Spring Garden St. For a moment, we thought that Finnigan’s Wake was being torn down and were worried that our favorite bar was no more. You can imagine our relief when we realized that it was in fact the former garage next door being demolished and not the totally wonderful Finnigan’s Wake.

A look at the property just a couple of months ago. Image from Google.


Taking a look at public record, 219-27 Spring Garden St. was purchased in May for $800K by Exstra-Spring-Garden LLC, based in Campbell, CA. We don’t know who those guys are. Looking at Zoning Dockets and the Zoning Archive, we couldn’t find anything out. We asked around the area, and no one seemed to know anything about this project. All-knowing readers: Do any of you have any idea what’s going on here?

Crossing our fingers that Finnigan’s Wake is expanding. That place is totally awesome!