Just yesterday, we told you about seven houses on the way at 614-20 N. American St. in Northern Liberties. Today, through the magic of electronic communication, we present renderings for these new homes, courtesy or architects Harman Deutsch.

The empty lot

Looking at the renderings, we can see our inference from the zoning application was a little off. Rather than seven homes fronting American St. as we originally believed, this development will only have three of the homes face American St., and the other four fronting Bodine St.

Rendering of the American St. homes

And the four homes fronting Bodine St.

Architecturally, the homes look very promising, and they should fit in well with many of the other new construction homes in the area. One thing we’re not sold on is whether people will clamor for the homes on Bodine St., even though they offer parking (with a layout that was driven by the community). From what we can remember, that stretch of Bodine St. is on the desolate side. Will people want to live there?

Then again, there are plenty of people out there who wouldn’t say no to two car parking.

We’ll keep an eye on this one and provide some updates once construction gets underway.