Something Brewing at the Rialto?

When Tower Investments built the Piazza several years ago, they capped the northern end of the development with the Rialto building, a seven story commercial building with a restaurant on the ground floor. At the time we thought it was a swell idea, and we thought that commercial tenants would have major interest in taking space so close to this blossoming mixed-use project. Presently, we know of Darling's Diner on the first floor, the Training Station on the third floor, and a real estate office on the fifth floor. Tower also has offices in the building.

View from the north

Yesterday, we got an email from a reader that belongs to the gym in the Rialto, informing them that another business will be taking over the entire building. As a result, the Training Center needed to find a new home. In April, they'll be moving to a new space at 5th & Spring Garden, but they'll unfortunately be out of commission for about six weeks in between. In their place, either someone new is coming to the building or an existing tenant is expanding their footprint.

Another view of the building

Has anyone out there heard anything about the changes at the Rialto? Whatever they are, it seems unlikely they'll impact the people living nearby, except for Training Station members. But if this building continues to demonstrate itself as a viable office location in the middle of a residential area, perhaps it will encourage more developers to put up office space in neighborhoods and it could inspire more businesses to move away from the city center. It certainly bears watching as it plays out in the years to come.