NoLibs To Get Best Yard In Town

Northern Liberties Real Estate
has created a new way to think about development in Philadelphia at 860 North Leithgow Street, a property owned by Jesuele Joseph. NLRE is planning to begin construction of a 2700-square-foot single-family home with a design that blows the lid (did we really just say that?) on what you’d expect from urban areas (read: yards, any semblance of freedom or sky). NLRE consolidated three conjoined lots to make one 37-foot-wide lot, which will be the property of just one $750K home.

What will they do with all this extra space? NLRE plans to build two side yards, one rear yard, a roofdeck, a private driveway fit for two cars and three exterior decks (no biggie) on these window-laden homes (every side has a window). All of these are huge assets, considering finding a place like this in Northern Liberties (never mind the city) is almost impossible. Maybe this will be a new trend in real estate development in Philadelphia. Probably not. See the floor plans here. Watch the video (complete with Social Network Soundtrack) below.

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