Large Vacant Building Coming Down Soon at 2nd and Poplar

Maybe we're just showing our age here, but it doesn't seem like all that long ago that the two block walk from 700 Club at 2nd & Fairmount to Standard Tap at 2nd & Poplar was a blighted tour of closed-down industrial buildings and shuttered commercial spaces. Today, things couldn't be more different. The corridor has a tremendous vibrancy and has seen numerous new shops open in the last few years. A couple of vacant lots and blighted buildings, though, remain. One such property sits on the southwest corner of 2nd & Poplar. But it seems it won't be sitting there much longer.

The building

This property has been vacant for as long as we can remember. It was purchased back in 2005 by 828 N 2nd Associates, which seems to be a subsidiary of Tower Investments, the folks who built the Piazza. We're not sure whether they've attempted to do anything with the property in the last decade, but it seems that something is finally going to happen here. As you can (possibly) see in the photo above, a demolition notice recently went up on the property. And while it will be a shame to see this possibly salvageable building torn down, the elimination of the blighted building will certainly improve the look of the corner.

Looking down Poplar toward 3rd Street

We've got no idea what's coming next, but hopefully the parcel will be redeveloped quickly. With plans for two other projects on this block of Poplar, it would make for some nice synergy to see all the projects take place all at once. Or at least it would probably be preferred by the neighbors on the block to get all of the inconvenience out of the way in the same year.