Hoping for Two More Hope Street Homes

Back in April, we told you about two new homes that were getting built on Hope Street in Northern Liberties, just south of Girard Avenue. At the time, the Residences at H3 were under heavy construction and we wondered about the desirability of living across the street from a couple of severely blighted warehouses. In the intervening months, the H3 project has been finished, and the warehouses caught fire. So now, instead of a construction site and a blighted building, these homes, which are now finished, sit next to a parking lot and across the street from a more secured empty warehouse and a vacant lot.

Finished homes
Looking up the block. New homes on the left.

Since the first two homes apparently worked so nicely, the same developers are coming back for more. Yesterday, at the ZBA, architects from Weidenman Architecture presented to build two more homes, this time at 1136 and 1138 Hope St., next door to the homes that were built last year. We’re guessing that they received approvals, since NLNA supported the project as they supported the first edition of the project a year ago. And while the block is certainly friendlier than it was back then, we can’t say it’s super desirable now either.

Two more homes coming
And this is right next door

Should a number of homes eventually go up where the blighted warehouse once stood, which seems likely in the coming year(s), the block will be a much more attractive place to live. In the meantime, perhaps a buyer can come in at a slightly discounted price, taking advantage of a less than satisfying present to set up a better (and with more equity!) future. Wouldn’t be the worst idea, if you ask us.