We're fairly confident that 611 N. 2nd St. was once a fire station, but it hasn't been used as such for quite some time. Instead, the building has been used by the fire department for storage and as a counseling center. So it wasn't a huge surprise to learn that the department sold off the property. The use that's now planned for the property however, did not meet our expectations.

Former firehouse

The parcel is pretty big, with 76' of frontage on 2nd Street and going back 115'. You could build eight homes here, as the property goes street to street. Alternately, given the character of 2nd Street, you could go with a mixed-use building with 19 apartments and retail downstairs. Considering the incredible demand for housing in this neighborhood, either project would seem like a slam dunk. 

But instead, the building will remain and it will be converted into a motorcycle shop. Christini has been in the bike business for twenty years, and they more recently introduced their own brand of motorcycles. The space will include a showroom and they will also do some limited design and assembly onsite. The owners presented to NLNA last month and the project was well received, so it looks like this thing is a go.

Penn Herb building just to the south

Since we're on the block, it seems like as good a time as any to update you that the Penn Herb building at the corner of 2nd & Green appears to be mostly finished. When we checked in last November, the building still had a ways to go, so the progress is encouraging. As you can see from the sign on the building, the apartments are now available for lease. And of course, the store should be moving into the first floor pretty soon.

So in the near future, you'll be able to buy a sweet new motorcycle and pick up some herbal remedies on the same block of 2nd Street. Ah, city living at its finest.