Five Homes Coming Soon to 3rd & Brown

A year ago, we brought the vacant lot on the northwestern corner of 3rd & Brown to your attention, noting that old plans to build a five-story, ten unit building had been canceled. Instead, NLNA had approved five homes for the corner, with architecture work by Morrissey Design. Passing by the other day, we saw a site where work had not yet begun, but a sign on the fence suggested it could get underway pretty soon.

Perhaps a week ago

In case you don't feel like walking over to the corner to see the renderings of the project posted on the sign, we decided we'd show them to you here.

The homes

View from the corner

The two-way drive aisle is one unique aspect of this project. While technically the parcel goes street-to-street between 3rd Street and a tiny alleyway, it's clear that a car couldn't realistically turn onto this street to get to Brown. So access to and from the parking for the homes has to come from 3rd Street. As such, the entrance to the parking comes from a curb cut on the northern side of the development. The exit drive-aisle actually sits below the cantilevered (but supported) upper floors of the homes. The exit to the second drive aisle is pictured above, where a white car is coming out of a wood-gated door. Yes folks, that's a whole drive aisle, not just a single garage.

We've heard through the grapevine that most if not all of these homes are already spoken for at prices in the high $600K range. Just goes to show you how quickly people are snatching up new construction in this neighborhood. Or perhaps it goes to show how much people dig the drink specials at North 3rd across the street.