Demolition on 2nd Street, What’s Coming?

Last winter, we told you about plans that had come before the NLNA to demolish a one-story garage on 2nd Street and replace it with ten condos and a commercial space. At that time, the community's zoning committee asked for significant revisions to the plan, including the elimination of two units, removal of three parking spaces, and expansion of the retail space on the first floor. Since that point, we don't believe the developers have returned to the community with any changes to their plan, nor have they gone before the ZBA with the proposal rejected by NLNA.

In the past

Recent shot

As you can see in the photo above, the old garage was recently demolished anyway. It seems a little curious that the developers would tear down the building without some kind of plan for its replacement, but it's not out of the question. This does make us wonder, what could be coming here? Might the developers come back soon to NLNA with changes to their project? Are they instead going with something that's by-right, taking the community out of the loop? Either way, it stands to reason that the project will include a new commercial space on the 2nd Street commercial corridor.

As we detailed just last week, this commercial corridor has seen its share of new businesses enter the fray in the last few years, and there are more on the way. Less than a block away, a new jazz place is in the works. And who knows what will fill the now-under-construction commercial space next door to the still-newish hookah cafe? One more new space means that one more new business will eventually be making its way to 2nd Street. We just wish we knew what the rest of the project will entail.