Demolition in Northern Liberties Means… What?

A reader gave us the heads up about a recent demolition at 942 N 2nd St., a dilapidated building that we’ve wondered about for years. According to, this building was originally the storefront for the Laurel Meat Packing Plant. In more recent years, it was apparently a home wares store of some kind. And it’s been shuttered for several years now.

In 1952
More recent shot from Google Maps

In recent weeks, it’s been completely demolished.

Closer look

According to public record, this pile of rubble is owned by Sangok Franklin, who also owns the two vacant lots to the south. Franklin has owned them since 2004 and 2003, respectively. Could this demolition be a sign that these parcels will finally be redeveloped? With Dmitri’s across the street, the Piazza to the north, and several other standout retail spaces just to the south, we must say, it’s about time.

We noticed that the warehouse that sits immediately to the west of these properties was sold earlier this year to Laurel Court Dev Inc, for $575K. We would have to assume that a new development is forthcoming at this site. Could the demolition at the corner be tied to the likely development next door? Or was the owner forced to tear down the building because it was in danger of collapse and it’s merely a coincidence?

We’ve got plenty of questions, and we suspect they’ll be answered in the coming months…