Crane Arts Goes Solar, For Free

The historic Crane Building at 1400 N. American Street is home to four floors of artist studios and suites, the Crane Arts community. The 105-year-old warehouse is now a Philly community of artistic productions, showcase spaces, established artists and creative resources. All four floors of rentable studios are currently occupied and things are on the up and up for Crane, who can now boast they have Center City’s largest solar install.

Solar States developed the project and G.R.A.S.S. and Helio Power Systems installed the 81-kilowatt install of 444 solar panels. Solar States installs these panels for free (they sell back the electricity at a discount) and Crane will still be using a mix of solar and electric power, but the electric bill will be at least a fifth of what it was. Crane Arts was already respectable in our book for their renovation of the building and their incorporation of green space, but this just solidifies them as a smart-thinking company that will hopefully inspire other building owners to think outside the box.